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Crafting Stories

Stories are boundless. They transport us beyond the known realms, disregarding time and space.

Humans are social creatures. Our innate empathy allows us to naturally connect with others. Through film and an increasingly diverse array of technology we can bind the two together; different mediums allow different stories to be told in unique ways. But no matter what medium we choose, a story will always give people the opportunity to connect with characters, to experience their journeys, and to share in their love and pain.

TheStoryBoxes is an award-winning collaborative storytelling studio committed to telling and sharing stories through the best possible means. By intertwining heart-felt personal narratives with stunning visual imagery, we create captivating and emotive experiences that engage audiences, communicate ideas, and incite change.

We are purpose-led in our storytelling, taking the time to understand the reasons and behaviours that motivate a person to share their remarkable story. We are translators and navigators, searching within a story to uncover what makes it tick, searching beyond to find the best way to position that story in today’s every changing world. It’s a strategy that compliments the empathic powers of the heart with the proactive curiosity of the mind. We celebrate the human spirit and add value to the larger global conversation, recognising that before you can change the world you must first be understood.

Our passion for telling stories through film stems from its immediacy and its far-reaching impact. Regardless of culture or age, a moving image will always have meaning, will always speak. It is the connective, informative, and emotive power of film that allows us to create stories that communicate complex ideas more strongly than text. Through film, we can adapt to tell stories from different industries or environments, to tell the stories of different people and to share in their success. Film is personal and affective; it is human.

Storytelling is universal. It’s how we leave our mark, how we make sure we are remembered. People may fade but stories will be told and retold, speaking to the heart, changing minds.

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We love telling unique stories; stories that inspire, amaze, educate, and encourage audiences to do great things.

That’s why we work with clients who are purpose-led by their distinctiveness. Their why, their reasons for being, captivate people and give them a passionate incentive to continue with their own journeys. We believe in these stories, and take great privilege in shouting them from the rooftops.

We find that the greatest value in our storytelling process comes from working closely with our clients. After all, it’s the intimate details, the insider knowledge possessed only by the storyteller themselves, that turns a good story into a great one. Our process is flexible; clients can have as much, or as little, input into the creative as they like. But no matter how involved they chose to be, we always take the time to understand the little things.

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B Corporations and leaders are businesses that create benefits for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. Purpose-led, with an understanding of the new global economic network, they create products, practices and profits that do no harm, and benefit all.

Certified B Corporation

The stories we aspire to tell are meaningful and empowering, evoking change, and having a lasting impact on the people involved. Becoming a Certified B Corporation and joining the B Lab network was a way for us to ensure our actions as a collaborative, creative business would have the same impact.

Like our fellow B Corp members, we want to give communities cause to take action and make a difference. Our aim is to create films that give people a chance to share their values and beliefs, and that ultimately strive to foster a global culture of sustainability, social justice, compassion, and diversity.

We take the time to understand the reasons and behaviours that motivate a person to share their remarkable story. We’re purpose-led in our storytelling, just as businesses and individuals are purpose-led in their aspirations. It’s a strategy that combines the empathetic powers of the heart with the proactive curiosity of the mind.

The B Corp network currently spans 42 countries, with more than 1400 registered members from 120 different industries. It’s a community that cherishes the human spirit. And we know that by being a part of it, we can help people, and their purpose, be understood and change the world.

For more information, visit www.bcorporation.com.au

Accredited Professional Video Producer

A good filmmaker is shaped by more than just a unique cinematographic eye. Through the Australian Institute of Professional Photography, filmmakers and photographers can obtain accreditation as proof of their technical prowess and professionalism.

We became Accredited Professional Photographer and Accredited Professional Video Producer (AIPP/APVP) as a means of assuring our clients and audiences of our capability to produce award-winning films. We want our audiences to know that they are getting the highest-quality standard content from creators who are experienced, technically capable and professional practitioners.

What’s more, we hold ourselves accountable to national legal and ethical practices, a mode of self-awareness that helps us to be more purpose-led and accountable in our filmmaking process.

Underlying it all, however, is a continued motivation to improve our photography and filmmaking skills, through continual education and professional development.